Applications for Thesis Advisers REVISED Schedule and MATRIX of Advisers/Topics

Please see REVISED SCHEDULE of the application for thesis/dissertation advisers and the MATRIX of advisers and topics in the revised link below.

MS ChE (thesis option) and PhD/DEng students admitted into the programs as of the First Semester 2015-2016 are required to apply for MS thesis or PhD/DEng dissertation advisers.  NEW DEADLINE for Application is December 15, 2015.  During the ChE 296.1 research talks, you have heard of the research thrusts of the different research laboratories in the Department.  In addition, you are encouraged to look up the research profiles of faculty found on this website.  Furthermore, prospective applicants are encouraged to discuss with faculty during their consultation periods.

Detailed instructions for applying are found in this link with the revised schedule and the matrix of advisers and topics: The Application for Thesis Adviser Process First Sem 2015-16_revised

The application form may be downloaded here: Application for Thesis/Dissertation Adviser

Visiting Professor Lecture Series on Nanobiotechnology

Dr. Ciara O’Sullivan, Director of the Nanobiotechnology and Bioanalysis Group (NBG) of the Department of Chemical Engineering in Universitat Rovira I Virgili (URV), Spain, will come and share with us her expertise in University of the Philippines – Diliman. She will also be visiting with her colleague, Dr. Ionis Katakis in NBG who will also be giving a talk.

“From base pairs to bedside: Addressing the future paradigm of medicine with molecular diagnostics”
Dr. Ciara K. O’Sullivan
ICREA Research Professor
Universitat Rovira I Virgili
on October 27 2015, Tuesday, 9 AM
Melchor Hall, College of Engineering, UP Diliman

“Scale Integration as a Means of Innovation in “Nano”science” and Portable Molecular Diagnostics: How and (most importantly) Why”
Dr. Ioanis Katakis
Associate Professor
Universitat Rovira I Virgili
on October 28, 2015, Wednesday, 9 AM
Melchor Hall, College of Engineering

“Aptamers: Molecular tools for advanced analytical applications (in Medicine and Environment)”
Dr. Ciara K. O’Sullivan and Christian Adam Espiritu
PhD Chemical Engineering Student
ERDT and PCIEERD BCDA-funded Sandwich Program Scholar
on October 29, 2015, Thursday, 9 AM
Melchor Hall, College of Engineering

See the link for details:

Visiting Professor Lecture Series on Nanobiotechnology

MS/PhD ChE students with thesis/dissertation advisers as of Mid-Year Term 2015

Below is matrix of adviser-topic-advisee as of the mid-year 2015 term.  MS students who are under the thesis option will need to apply for a thesis adviser when you have earned at least 12 units of course work.  Otherwise you will be tagged as ineligible to enroll during registration for the term immediately after the term when you earned your 12th unit.  Some advisers still have available slots below.  Please see previous announcement for instructions on how to apply.

Name of Adviser Adviser CODE No. of AVAILABLE SLOTS Topic Code Topic ACCEPTED     ADVISEES
Terence P. Tumolva TUMOLVA 1 TPT1 Evaluating the performance of self-assembling hydrogel from biocellulose derivatives Charice Joy Pescos
1 TPT2 SPIK-ERDT topic or Nanofiber green composite using locally available plant fibers available
Jose C. Munoz MUNOZ 1 JCM1 Multi-scale modeling applications to pollutant removal using solid mass separating agent available
Bryan B. Pajarito PAJARITO 1 BBP1 Development of a cost-effective process for reclaiming waste rubber Karl Ondoy
1 BBP2 oxo-biodegradeable PE films from recycled waste oxo-biodegradable plastic bags available
Angela D. Escoto ESCOTO 1 ADE1 Topic is open for discussion available
Joey D. Ocon OCON 1 JDO1 Non-noble Metal Electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution reaction (OER) Joseph Ortenero
1 JDO2 Developing Filipino Body Mass Models based on Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis Ralph Luzadas
1 JDO3 Oygen Reduction Reaction (ORR) Electrocatalysts for a Portable Metal-Air Battery James Digol
1 JDO4 Synthesis and Electrochemical Testing of Alcohol Vapor Sensors Karl Adrian Gandionco
1 JDO5 Glycerol Electro-oxidation Catalysts for Direct Liquid Fuel Cells Myron T. Alcanzare

Results of the First Round of Application for Undergraduate Research (ChE 143/144) Advisers (AY2015-2016)

You may view the results of the First Round of Application for Undergraduate Research Advisers, as well as the list of available topics for the Second Round of Application here:

Results of the First Round of Application (ChE 143-144 AY15-16)


For pertinent deadlines and instructions for the Second Round of Application, refer to the previous announcement:

AY 2015-2016 Call for Applications for Undergraduate Research (ChE 143/144 Advisers)


All MS ChE (thesis option) and PhD ChE students who were admitted to their programs during the 2nd Semester of AY 2014-2015 are to apply for a research adviser. Those earlier admitted but do not yet have a thesis/dissertation adviser may also apply.  Deadline for Online Applications is July 2, 2015.

Please carefully read and follow the Instructions on the Application for Thesis Adviser End of 2nd Semester 2014-15.

Editable forms for the Application for Thesis/Dissertation Adviser may be found in the FORMS section of this website (or click the above link).

The Matrix of Advisers and Topics_2_14-15 Jun18 is provided for your reference.



Prof. Jae-Jin Shim: A Short Talk on Yeungnam University

Fifth year/graduating students, graduate students, and faculty members who are interested to know about the MS and PhD courses offered in Yeungnam University (YU) in South Korea are invited to attend a short talk to be given by Prof. Jae-Jin Shim, Ph.D. of the School of Chemical Engineering.

Venue: Chemical Engineering Building
Room: Room A101
Date and Time: February 6, 2015 (4:00 P.M.)

MS/PhD Advisers for First Sem 2014-15 Applicants

There were a total of five (5) applicants for MS/PhD advisers during the First Semester 2014-2015 call.  Below are the assignments based on the applications received and the deliberation of concerned advisers to whom students applied.  Applicants are advised to initiate discussions with their respective advisers.

Advisee – Adviser

1. Denise Estelle Santiago (PhD) – Dr. Bryan Pajarito

2. Levi Miranda (PhD) – Dr. Maria Lourdes Dalida

3. Joanna Ancorda (MS) – Dr. Maria Lourdes Dalida with Asst. Prof. Patrick Ramoso

4. Rowena Carpio (PhD) – Dr. Rizalinda de Leon

5. Clare Garing (MS) – Dr. Bryan Pajarito

—-none follows