Registration for 2nd Semester AY 2014-2015: Schedule Updates

In view of the declared holidays on 15-19 January 2014, please take note of the following related to the 2nd Semester AY 2014-2015 registration activities:

Department deadline for Filing of MRR and Readmission: 07 January 2015

General Registration: 12-14 January 2015  Payment center will be at the UP Theater.

Deadline for change of matriculation: 26 January 2015

Deadline for payment: 26 January 2015

Regular removal period, per academic calendar, is 7-17 January 2015. Because the last 3 days are declared holidays, there will be an additional 2 days for the removal period, making 22 January 2015 the last day for removal.

Just a reminder, this removal period is for those who have incurred a grade of 4.0 or Inc during Mid-Year 2014.

Start of classes: 20 January 2015

Prof. Kondo to give Lecture Series on Bioactive Compounds

Prof. Ryuichiro Kondo, Research Professor at Kyushu University and ERDT Visiting Professor at the Chemical Engineering Department, UP Diliman will be giving a series of lectures on Bioactive Compounds on November 24-26, 2014 at the College of Engineering.  The lectures will be open to the public.  Details will be posted soon.

November 2014 Call for Applications for MS/PhD ChE Advisers

Deadline for online submission of applications for thesis/dissertation advisers is November 27, 2014.  All full-time MS ChE (thesis) and PhD ChE students admitted into the program First Semester 2014-2015 are required to apply.  Part-time MS ChE (thesis) students are encouraged to apply if you already expect to finish 12 units of coursework at the end of the current semester.

Research topics and available slots of faculty will be posted on the website within the week (Matrix of Advisers and Topics).  In the meantime, please check out the homepages of the different laboratories.  Also, please read the process and instructions for applying for thesis/dissertation advisers.

Application forms may be downloaded here:   XX Application Y_ADVISER_STUDENT.

The ChE Graduate Committee