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Please contact the University Health Service (UHS) for Emergency Room and Ambulance.

Emergency Room
Telephone No. 981-8500 local 111
Direct Line: 928-3608

Telephone No.: 981-8500 local 110


Please contact the UP Diliman Police (UPDP).

Telephone No. 981-8500
local 4008 (Radio Operator)
113 or 1908

Direct Line : 928-3615
Globe: 0956-708-9507
Smart: 0921-849-2721

building safety?

Please contact the Campus Maintenance Office (CMO) and their Quick Response Team (QRT).

Telephone No.: 981-8500 local 4039

QRT: 0977-784-1234


Please contact the Office of the Campus Architect (OCA).

Telephone No.: 981-8500
locals 3971 / 3967

Direct Line: 927-8656

traffic problems?

Please contact the UPDP Transport Management and Enforcement Team (UPDP TMET) for Transport and Traffic Concerns and Illegally Parked Vehicles.

Telephone No. 981-8500
local 4006 (TMET)
local 4008 (Radio Operator)

Globe: 0956-708-9507
Smart: 0923-849-2721


Please contact the Office of Community Relations for Stray Animals and Loitering Children

Telephone No. 981-8500 local 8627

Direct Line: 981-8627

food vending?

For concerns on Food Vending and other Concessionaires, please contact the Business Concessions Office (BCO)

Telephone No. 981-8500 local 4040

Direct Line: 925-6996