Degree Programs

PhD Chemical Engineering

The Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering (PhD ChE) program aims to educate excellent engineers, scientists and educators in the field of chemical engineering. The training given by the program shall enable its graduates to

  1. independently conduct research and communicate the knowledge from such study in an international forum,
  2. collaborate in an interdisciplinary research, and
  3. when called for, express their professional proposition or advice on national issues requiring their expertise.

Program Requirements

Requirements               Number of Units (Minimum)
     With  BS ChE     With  MS ChE
Core courses              12              3
Specialization courses              12              9
Applied Math              9              3
Electives              12              6
Total courses              45              24
Dissertation #              12              12
Minimum Total              57              36

# Must be successfully defended in public (prior to dissertation, student must pass the PhD qualifying exam and the PhD candidacy exam)