Environmental Process Engineering Laboratory - Research and Publications


  1. Treatment of Desiccated Coconut Processing wastewater using Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket reactor (National Engineering Center 1999-2000).
  2. Enabling Appropriate Technology for Environmental Services, Barangay Malaban, Municipality of Binan, Laguna (Dec. 2002 – June 2004). A collaborative research between faculty researchers from Univ. of California – Irvine, UP Diliman and Institute of Philippine Culture, ADMU. Funded by The Asia Foundation, Inc. Co-researcher.
  3. Design and Application of Nitrogen Cycle and Nitrogen Balance Model As a Management Tool for Controlling Greenhouse Gas Emission and Nutrient Recovery. (Aug. 2002 – August 2003). Project Leader. UP Chemical Engineering Foundation, funded by UWEP-Plus/WASTE, The Netherlands, through CAPS.
  4. Treatment of Produced Water: A Desktop Research for Chevron (March – April 2004), UP Foundation Project, executed by the Dept. of Chemical Engineering, worked as Co-Researcher.
  5. Methanol and Mercury Removal from Condensate: A Desktop Research for Chevron (December 2003 – March 2004), UP Foundation.
  6. Anaerobic Digestion of Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste (Nov 2003 to March 2004), Project Leader, a Collaborative Research project funded by ASEAN University Network – Southeast Asia Engineering Development – Network (AUNSEED-Net) – JICA.
  7.  Anaerobic-Aerobic Digestion of the Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste as Part of an Integrated Solid Waste Management System (2003-2007 Collaborative Research with Prof. Kiyohiko Nakasai, Shizouka University, Japan; About 25,000 USD Research Grant)
  8. Biodiesel Moz Production from Coconut Oil using Alternative Processes: Micro-emulsion and Ozonation, Collaborative research. UNIDEV  and Frontier Japan Inc., About 2 M Php funds by New Energy Development (NEDO), Japan (2004 – 2007): Microemulsification Technology and Ozonation (With Dr. E. Quiros, et al.)
  9. Anaerobic Stabilization of Cellulose and Nitrogen-Rich Organic Solid Wastes (2005-2007 Collaborative Research with Prof. K. Nakasaki, Shizouka University, Japan; About 12,000 USD Research Grant)
  10. Treatment of AZo Dye Textile Simulated Wastewater in a Sequencing Batch Reactor System (AUNSEED-Net Collaborative Research; 7,400 USD 2 years; 2007-2009) with Tokyo Institute of Technology
  11. Pre-feasibility Study on the Proposed Quezon City Integrated System for Resource Recovery (with Dr. Virginia Soriano and Dr. Maria Antonette N. Tanchuling; 2009 -2010)
  12. Anaerobic-Aerobic Treatment of Textile Wastewater in Phased Continuous Reactor System (2008-2010 with Prof. Tanji, TIT, Japan, about 6,000 USD Grant)
  13. Predation and Factors Affecting The Growth of Cyanobacteria in Philippines and Cambodia: Towards Better Water Quality (2007-2010 with Prof. Kiyohiko Nakasai, Shizouka University, Japan, about 25,000 USD Grant)
  14. Development of biological and Ozonation Process as Treatment of Effluents from Distilleries and Large-Water-Demand Industry in View of Recycling(Proeject leader, ERDT Environment and Infrastructure Track, DRINK subtrack, ;  DOST-PCIERD Project; 4.8 Million PhP 3 years)
  15. 15.   Evaluation of Microcystis aeruginosa bloom reduction potential of  vermicomposts and thermophilic microorganisms. Supervised ERDT Dissertation Research Project by Sheila K. Ramos (2008-2010)
  16. Granulation of Sludge in High-Rate Anaerobic-Wastewater Treatment Reactor System: Applications for the Removal of Endocrine Disrupting Substances and treatment of Petroleum Contaminated Wastewater  (AUNSEED-Net Collaborative Research; 17,000 USD 3 years; 2011 – 2014) with Tokyo Institute of Technology




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