Fuels, Energy, and Thermal Systems Laboratory

VISION:  Technologies and products toward sustainable energy utilization
MISSION:  Train students to scan the technology horizon in search for: important questions yet unanswered, needs yet unmet, and opportunities still emerging, and to use the scientific method to seek out the answer, the solution or the enabling technology.
The Fuels, Energy and Thermal Systems (FETS) Research Laboratory seeks to
  •  develop sustainable processes for the production of alternative fuels (e.g. hydrogen, bioethanol and biodiesel) along with high-value products;
  • produce alternative working fluids and materials for cooling/heat transfer and energy storage (e.g. nanofluids, phase change materials); and
  • Evaluate performance and analyze thermal systems   (e.g. oscillating heat pipes, solar PV panels) 

Click the link below for a powerpoint presentation of the more recent FETS laboratory research thrust:

Fuels, Energy & Thermal Systems Research Laboratory 2014