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Guerrero, Bual, Ortenero master’s thesis successfully defended

April 3, 2013 – Three members of the Green Materials Research Group had successfully defended their master’s theses in chemical engineering: Mr. Rodel Guerrero (“Synthesis of furfural from agricultural residues in the Philippines for local furfural production”), Mr. Ronald Bual (“A degradation study of polyurethane and polyfurfuryl alcohol resins under acidic environment”) and Mr. Joseph Ortenero (“The effects of different chemical treatments on the mechanical and morphological properties of water hyacinth fiber-reinforced green composites”).  

The thesis defense panel for Mr. Guerrero and Mr. Bual is composed of Dr. Bryan Pajarito of the Industrial Polymers Research Group (chair), Dr. Terence Tumolva (adviser) and Dr. Maria Lourdes Dalida of the Catalysts for Environmental Applications Research Group of the Polymers and Catalysts (PolyCat) Laboratory, while that of Mr. Ortenero is composed of Dr. Pajarito (chair), Dr. Tumolva (adviser) and Asst. Prof. Bryan Alamani. All three are scholars under the Engineering Research and Development for Technology (ERDT) program of the Department of Science and Technology.