Health, Safety and Environment

The UP Diliman Department of Chemical Engineering is committed to the health and safety of all who use its facilities, and to the environmental sustainability of its operations.

All students (undergraduate/graduate/visiting) who will be using any laboratory in the Department of Chemical Engineering must take the time to read the following before they can obtain a permit to use any laboratory:

01 Policies on the Use of Chemical Engineering Laboratory

02 Emergency Response Procedure

03 Hazardous Waste Management

04 UPD ChE Laboratory Safety Manual

05 Fire and Electrical Safety

06 Lab Safety Practices

These materials contain summaries of the Department’s laboratory policies, safety and waste management systems.  More detailed information may be obtained from the UPD DChE Health, Safety and Environment Management System (UP DChE HSE-MS) and the DChE Waste Management System.

First time users must secure a permit to use the laboratory. All laboratory users must secure laboratory clearance at the end of their project or course. Special permits must be obtained for work beyond regular laboratory hours.

Forms for clearances, permits may be downloaded from the home page or click here.