The Chemical Engineering course was planned as far back as 1949, when allied subjects were taken at the Chemistry Department. The formal curriculum in B.S. Chemical Engineering was instituted in 1952 and first appeared in the university catalogue in 1953, the year when the College started on the five-year Bachelor of Science curricula. The College turned out its first graduates in chemical engineering in April 1954. Along with other engineering courses, these classes were held in the evening at the then National Science Development Board (NSDB) premises on Pedro Gil (Herran) Street in Manila, until they were conducted in Diliman campus.

The Department is housed in a newly-constructed building located in the Engineering Complex along C.P. Garcia Avenue. The design concept of the building began in 2008 with Architect Augusto Concio (BS ChE, 1959) leading the project. The ChE building of about 5,000 sq. m. floor area is comprised of instructional, analytical and research laboratories, faculty rooms, lecture rooms, and administrative offices. The construction of the building was made possible through the Engineering Research and Development for Technology (ERDT) program.

The course program of B.S. Chemical Engineering Curriculum has undergone curricular revisions, which were implemented in AY 2014-2015. The recently revised B.S. ChE curriculum features an updated approach to the professional chemical engineering courses. The current curriculum is slated to be replaced by the four-year B.S. Chemical Engineering for the first batch of K-12 graduates. It will prepare them to be proficient in doing scientific research particularly on chemical engineering applications, and to be responsible leaders in the practice of the profession.