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Master Theses recently defender under the PSEL Group

Under the supervision and advising of Dr. Jose Munoz, two graduate students in the MS ChE program, PSEL Group, have recently defended their theses on May 14, 2015.

The thesis of Ms. Lalilen Mondejar is entitled “Superstructure Approach to Synthesis of Mass Exchange Networks for Batch Processes.” Current waste and pollution treatment methods in operating plants are only end-of-pipe facilities in the downstream. With the integration of mass exchange networks, pollution prevention is achieved early on in the upstream by contacting internal lean-in-pollutant streams with the rich-in-pollutant streams, thereby reducing the cost in waste treatment. The novelty in the mentioned thesis is the use of the superstructure approach in checking all possible configurations of contacting the different streams, scheduled at different time intervals in a batch process. The defense panel members were Dr. Rizalinda de Leon (chair), Dr. Jonathan Salvacion, and Dr. Jose Munoz (adviser).

The thesis of Engr. Karl Ezra Pilario is entitled “Nonlinear Data Reconciliation with Gross Error Detection and Identification for Steady-state and Dynamic Processes.” Sensor measurements in a processing plant contain varying degrees of error, such that they may be unreliable for process control and process optimization in terms of consistency with the process models. The thesis developed an algorithm to correct the raw sensor measurements, as well as identify all the faulty sensors that need to be replaced. The defense panel members were Dr. Rizalinda de Leon (chair), Dr. Jonathan Salvacion, Prof. Hyacinth Mae Tambago, and Dr. Jose Munoz (adviser).

Up next, Engr. Vincent Calimlim will also defend his Master’s thesis about another exciting data reconciliation technique in the coming week!