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PolyCat Lab visits Shizuoka University

Members of the Green Materials Research Group of the Polymers and Catalysts (PolyCat) Laboratory visited Shizuoka University – Hamamatsu Campus for a Short-Stay, Short-term Visit (SSSV) Program, which was funded by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO). They were hosted by Assoc. Prof. Yoshinobu Shimamura and Asst. Prof. Tomoyuki Fujii, and was formally welcome by Prof. Keiichiro Tohgo, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering. The visit includes a plant tour, a sightseeing tour in Tokyo, and two workshops in Shizuoka University – Hamamatsu Campus and at Tokyo Institute of Technology – Ookayama Campus (the latter hosted by Prof. Masatoshi Kubouchi of the Materials Science for Chemical Equipment Laboratory, Department of Chemical Engineering).