Polymer Research Laboratory

Polymeric materials have long been utilized by the industry in different applications: from protective linings and coatings of equipment and various surfaces to molded rubber products and commercial plastic bags. Our industry needs a deep understanding of the impacts of industrial polymeric materials to our society and environment, as well as advanced knowledge to modify and improve existing formulations and to develop new and competitive products. We believe understanding and knowledge on the field of polymeric materials must be based on committed scientific research and needs of the industry.

We are a research group that:
1) Comprehends impacts of industrial polymeric materials to our society and environment; 2) Grasps advanced knowledge for modification and improvement of existing formulations and development of new and competitive products; and
3) Strives to be an important resource of scientific and technological information on the field of industrial polymeric materials.

To achieve our vision, we make every effort to:
1) Understand the effects of different environmental systems on the behavior and properties of industrial polymeric materials;
2) Develop new products and explore various additives and strategies in modifying polymeric materials to help the industry adapt to environmental effects; and
3) Engage and inform the industry about significant findings for product development through presentations and publications.