Research Groups

The Green Materials Laboratory started as a research group under the Polymers and Catalysis Laboratory, which was created in 2011. This laboratory aims to conduct research focused on (1) producing novel bio-based, environment-friendly polymeric materials and/or (2) developing greener methods of producing and treating polymeric materials. The Laboratory has three main research topics: Green composites Bio-based polymers Greener materials processing However, the laboratory also... Read more

The Catalyst Research Laboratory (formerly the Catalysts Group under the Polymers and Catalysts Laboratory) studies the fields of catalysis, reaction engineering and reactor design for environmental and energy applications. In particular, the fields of interest include the fabrication and application of catalytic materials and processes for the development of clean technologies in generation of energy and new products, as well as pollution... Read more

Life is the essence of being and its integration with engineering, numerical analysis, and process development enhances our understanding of the biological process thus harnessing its full potential. Addressing the call of the future, bioprocessing is the future of the chemical process industry, a field where Philippines trails far... Read more

DChE has been involved in research works on processes and systems that address air, water and soil pollutants since the early 1990’s. Research works on environmental process engineering deal with sources, transport, transformation, fate and impact of contaminants in environment and development of upstream and end-of-pipe technologies that minimize pollution. Research themes: Chemical and physical processes for the treatment of recalcitrant compounds, emerging contaminants Biological... Read more The Laboratory of Electrochemical Engineering (LEE), the youngest lab in the department, is the only research group in the country involved in the development of electrochemical conversion and storage systems. The group takes on the technological challenges of finding efficient and sustainable energy supply that can meet the demands of mankind while preserving the environment. Basic understanding of electrochemistry, physical chemistry, and catalysis are used in the... Read more

Fuels, Energy & Thermal Systems Research Laboratory 2014 The Fuels, Energy and Thermal Systems (FETS) Research Laboratory seeks to develop sustainable processes for the production of alternative fuels (e.g. hydrogen, bioethanol and biodiesel) along with high-value products production of alternative working fluids and materials for cooling/heat transfer and energy storage (e.g. nanofluids, phase change materials); and performance and transport analysis of thermal systems  ... Read more

The Polymer Research Laboratory (formerly Industrial Polymers Group under Polymers and Catalysts Laboratory) focuses on the behavior and response of modified polymeric materials during exposure to different environment. The laboratory is located at Room B103-104, Chemical Engineering Building, University of the Philippines, C.P. Garcia Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines. Polymeric materials have long been utilized by the industry in different applications: from protective linings... Read more

The DChE Process Systems Engineering Laboratory (PSEL) currently develops relevant research in the fields of sensing, systems design, process control, optimization, and life cycle analysis. PSEL started only in 2012. But it has nonetheless produced continuously improving quality research, aimed for the greater public and environmental good.... Read more