The Polymer Research Laboratory provides weathering and ageing testing, chemical exposure services, and environmental simulation and conditioning of polymers and plastics. Testing services include:

  • Moisture absorption of polymeric resins and composites
  • Elevated temperature testing via heat oven aging (natural or forced convection, low vacuum, specific temperature and humidity) – accelerated or heat testing (e.g. ISO 188)
  • Liquid immersion testing – measurement of weight uptake, solvent resistance, and diffusion & equilibrium constants; sorption analysis
  • Resistance of polymers and plastics to liquid chemical reagents – chemical compatibility and resistance (e.g. ASTM D543)
  • Effect of liquids to rubber – weight gain or loss (e.g. ASTM D471)
  • Physical properties – hardness (Shore A) and density (via densimeter or pycnometer)
  • Surface analysis via optical microscopy – image analysis of cracks, crazes, and blisters
  • Consultation and expert advice on technical problems directly related to polymers, plastics, and rubber