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Reyes, Onishi, Villa successfully defends master’s thesis

Three members of the Green Materials Research Group had successfully defended their master’s theses in chemical engineering: Ms. Joy Erika Reyes (“Effect of surface temperature and particle loading on the mechanical properties of CFB fly ash reinforced thermoset composite”), Ms. Sakura Onishi (“Effect of particle loading, temperature and surface treatment on moisture absorption of CFB fly ash reinforced thermoset composite”) and Mr. Ralph Villa (“Developing a predictive model for determining the mechanical properties of CFB fly ash thermoset composite”). Ms. Reyes and Ms. Onishi are both scholars under the Engineering Research and Development for Technology (ERDT) program of the Department of Science and Technology, while Mr. Villa is an instructor from the Department of Chemical Engineering of UP Diliman and a member of the project team working on the beneficiation and utilization of circulating fluidized bed (CFB) fly ash from local power plants. 

Their thesis defense panel was composed of Dr. Rizalinda de Leon (panel chair) of the Catalyst for Energy Applications Research Group, Dr. Terence Tumolva (adviser) and Dr. Maria Lourdes Dalida of the Catalyst for Environmental Applications Research Group of the Polymers and Catalysts (PolyCat) Laboratory.