The Department of Chemical Engineering is moving to its new home, hopefully in time for the start of the First Semester.  We are excited about our new building with classrooms that have a panoramic view of the Cubao-Ortigas skyline, perhaps even as far as BGC.  All the classrooms have been endowed, so we are sure students will not be sitting on the floors while attending class.

But just like new shoes, there will be a period of breaking in. We will have to bring old furniture from our former labs and offices into the new. We are still about to lay the data cables.  We would like to at least get some greenery growing (mini forest at the back does not count) and perhaps cover open soil with pebble beds to mitigate mud and dust especially where the student org tambayans will be.  Calling on ChE Reps, ChESI, UP KEM and UP ALCHEMES to coordinate with Building Comm member Sir Louie V if you want to help with the landscape, with Systems Admin officer Sir Ralph to help in laying the data cables, and with Ma’am Hya and Prof. Baynosa to help with the endowment drive for new furniture.

The UP ChE Department, in partnership with the UP Chemical Engineering Alumni Foundation (UP ChEAF), would like to invite the rest of our alumni and industry friends to an onsite donor’s fellowship sometime in July, so they can see for themselves this new building.  In relation to this, UP ChEAF is looking for a fresh graduate (or a student) to work for about a month to help in making those all-important phone calls to our alumni, and assist in preparing for this gathering.  Please send letter of intent to